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Radiation Oncology

About half of all cancer patients will require radiation therapy during some phase of their cancer care (delivered in a Radiation Oncology department or facility).

This treatment is delivered in a number of different ways including x-ray or electron beams (from "clinical linear accelerators") and either temporary or permanent internal placement of radioactive sources (known as "brachytherapy" or implant therapy).

These treatments are often highly successful and generally have few side effects (toxicity). Radiation treatments may comprise one part of an integrated cancer management strategy involving surgery, chemotherapy and experimental drugs in addition to radiotherapy.

In general, it is best to receive radiotherapy treatments at a medical facility known for its medical expertise in the field of Radiation Oncology, its technical excellence, and its safety provisions. Large radiation oncology programs located at cancer centers (such as the Blue Ridge Cancer Center) are often ideal places to seek initial medical consultations and subsequent care.