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Stop the Sequestration Cut to Cancer Care Drugs in Order to Avert a Cancer Care Crisis



Petition to Stop Cut to Cancer Care Drugs

Starting April 1st, the oncology community will be impacted by cancer drug reimbursement cuts due to sequestration-mandated reductions in Medicare reimbursements.  These cuts will have a negative impact on patients and community cancer care providers like Blue Ridge Cancer Care.  We are sharing the petition information and link below so that you can review and sign the petition if you feel so inclined.  

The Petition:

Stop the Sequestration Cut to Cancer Care Drugs (and Other Medicare Part B Drugs) in Order to Avert a Cancer Care Crisis

Sequestration has been applied to Medicare, which is bad news for all seniors, but likely devastating for seniors fighting cancer. This is because the government has decided to apply the sequester payment cut not only to cancer care services, but also to the fixed, pass-through costs of chemotherapy and related essential cancer-fighting drugs used to treat and manage this life-threatening disease.

We petition the Obama Administration to use its authority to stop the sequester cut to the fixed cost of cancer drugs, payment for which is specifically set by law and should not be reduced by sequestration. Failure to stop the sequester cut to cancer drugs will imperil the nation's cancer care delivery system, already in crisis due to excessive payment cuts, for all cancer patients.

To Sign the Petition:

1. Go to http://wh.gov/HDEm 

2. Click on the "Set Up Account" button, which simply requires your name and email address to verify that you are a real, unique person

3. Wait a few minutes to get an email from the White House with a link to the petition to sign. Click on the link in the email to sign.


If the petition receives 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House will respond.